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My Qualifications

In 2012, I graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a Master of Science in Language Teaching (specialization in teaching Chinese as a foreign language).

Previously I earned my double Bachelor Degrees of Education and Chinese Language and Literature from National ChengChi University in Taipei, Taiwan. I attended and successfully completed the training as "teaching Chinese as a foreign language" thus becoming a qualified Chinese teacher for foreigners and native speakers (Ministry of Education in Taiwan).

In Taiwan, I have not only taught Chinese as a second language to foreigners but also Chinese language and literature to native speakers (High School level).

National ChengChi University


My courses
Chinese for kids
  • One-on-One class

  • Group class

  • Learning Chinese through songs, stories, painting, and playing

Chinese for adults
  • One-on-one class

  • Group class

  • Chinese for special purposes (Business, legal, etc.)

  • Chinese for travelling

  • HSK preparation

Chinese for companies
  • One-on-one class

  • Group class

  • Intercultural training

  • Translation services

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