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My Teaching Method

I am familiar with both simplified and traditional Chinese characters, PinYin and ZhuYin phonetic systems.

I teach both simplified and traditional Chinese characters and also both PinYin and ZhuYin phonetic systems. I can accommodate your needs no matter which system you would like to learn.

Simplified Chinese characters are used in Mainland China and Singapore, whereas traditional Chinese characters are used in Hong-Kong and Taiwan.

Above three examples of characters in traditional and simplified Chinese. On the right, the writing of Ping-Yin and Zhu-Yin.

Zhu-Yin, used in traditional Chinese 

Ping-Yin, used in simplified Chinese 

The courses are developed based on students' personal needs, interests, and requirements. Language is a tool of communication. Therefore, I want to give students interesting topics which are useful and practical for them. Students could also discuss the time of the lesson with the teacher, which makes the learning more personalized.

My students are from all over the world. I have taught people from Poland, Germany, Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Indonesia, Israel, Spain, the USA, and Canada. They are aged between 3-73 years old. No matter they are children, teenagers, adults, or the elderly, I can use different methods to support their learning.

My courses
Chinese for kids
  • One-on-One class

  • Group class

  • Learning Chinese through songs, stories, painting, and playing

Chinese for adults
  • One-on-one class

  • Group class

  • Chinese for special purposes (Business, legal, etc.)

  • Chinese for travelling

  • HSK preparation

Chinese for companies
  • One-on-one class

  • Group class

  • Intercultural training

  • Translation services

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