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"Clear, direct, friendly, and helpful. Chi-Ling is an excellent tutor who focuses on our needs and goes above and beyond to provide us with the materials we need to improve. We would highly recommend her as a real professional with a great learning system."

                                                                     / Ania Hoffmann, Operations & Finance Manager, Skyroam/

"I have only taken 5 classes and can already introduce myself, speak about my family; I learnt numbers, colors, months and days. I didn’t really plan on sticking with Chinese classes- but Chi-Ling is a fantastic and extremely talented teacher that makes it super fun- I am enjoying every lesson and I am making good progress. 

I can only recommend the classes! And now is the time to learn Chinese- it’s a fascinating culture and understanding some of the language is an important key for more insights.."

                                                        / Annemarie Botzki, Business Development & Operations, Solmove/

"Working together with Chi-Ling has been a great pleasure. She is a great teacher and very dedicated to her students. She adapts the classes to the wishes of the students and makes learning a new (and hard) language fun. Thank you!" 

                                                                             / Markus Ott, CEO,The Happy Baby Company GmbH/


"I started my first step in learning Chinese with Ms. Chi-Ling, and she is a very patient teacher who brings me the great joy and dedication of learning this language." 

                                                      / Dr.  Günter Zengerling, Section Head, German Poultry Association/                                                                 

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