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I offer a variety of lessons for companies: general Chinese courses, intercultural courses, and translation services. Read below for more details.

Language courses

Chinese class for companies

For companies that aim at expanding to China, have already relationship with Chinese partners or clients. I can design a full course to accommodate your needs and train your employees. 

Boost your employees' knowledge and your business!

Courses are:

  • available one-on-one or group (up to 8 learners of same level) basis;

  • held at company's premises; 

  • day and time flexible;

  • short and long-term.

Intercultural courses

Intercultural training

For whom aims at getting closer to China for personal or business reasons, I offer a 4-session intercultural course that will make you aware of what to expect and how to behave while in China or with your Chinese partners. 

Key facts:

  • learn keywords and basic sentence;

  • understand cultural behavior and differences;

  • 4-session course

Translation services

translation service

Need to be found by Chinese customers? Or want to communicate something to your current and future Chinese partners? Then an effective translation is the right way to go! I offer translation English-to-Chinese, and German-to-Chinese for any need.

For example: ​

  • Entire websites, and webpages;

  • Customer presentations;

  • Guidelines documents for supplier;

  • PR releases and Articles;

  • Contracts;

  • User's Handbook and manuals;

  • and more.

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