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I offer variety of courses for kids (3 to 12 years of age), teenagers, and adults: one-on-one personalized classes, group classes, HSK preparatory classes, Chinese for travelling,  Chinese for special purposes and intercultural courses. 

One-on-one personalized classes

The content of the lesson will be designed based on students' language levels and needs.

In the individual intensive course, students will have more chances to practice their speaking and listening, and improve their language ability. 

No matter due to your personal interest or your job, I am able to develop a lesson plan to accommodate your learning needs.

One-on-one classes are available for kids (3-12), teenagers and adults.

Group classes

Small-sized group with 2-8 people with high quality course organization.

Students are grouped based on their language knowledge.

Through discussions, group activities and pair works, students will have many opportunities to train their speaking and listening, writing and reading and improve their language abilities.

Group classes are available for kids (3-12), teenagers and adults.

HSK preparatory classes

For students who want to take HanYu ShuiPing KaoShi (HSK, level 1 through 6), I offer short-term and long-term language training courses.

Through this course, students will be able to not only enhance their language ability but also learn the technique to get well-prepared for the exam.

Chinese for special purposes

and intercultural courses

For learners of specific fields that aim at improving and perfecting their language knowledge, I can design ad-hoc courses in business, legal, medical, and IT Chinese.

For whom aims at getting closer to China for personal or business reasons, I offer a 4-session intercultural course that will make you aware of what to expect and how to behave while in China or with your Chinese partners.  

Chinese for travelling

Are you planning a short or long trip to China? 

Then this course is for you.

In a 4-session power course, learn the basic to get around and make your trip to China unforgettable.

Chinese For Kids
  • For kids, 3 to 12 years old

  • From beginner to advanced

  • Learning Chinese through songs, stories, painting, and playing

Chinese For Adults
  • For teenagers and adults

  • From beginner to advanced

  • Communication-oriented

  • Chinese for special purposes (Business, Legal, etc.)

  • Chinese for travelling

  • HSK preparation course (level 1-6)

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